Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sun Studio for free

Currently there are two options to get Sun Studio for free:

- Everyone can have Sun Studio 12 update 1. There are Solaris/sparc, Solaris/intel and Linux/i686 versions. There seems to be compatibility issues with ld on newer linux distributions. The error message reads "libm format not recognized". The half official solution is

rm /opt/sun/sunstudio12/prod/lib/amd64/ld
ln -s /usr/bin/ld /opt/sun/sunstudio12/prod/lib/amd64/ld

Also there are problems with headless install under Linux. But it is possible to extract all the rpms with the --extract-installation-data command line option.

- OpenSolaris developers may get the version 10 here. But only the Solaris versions, not the Linux one. I wonder why would they need to mess with the older version 10, as there is a shiny new 12u1? Are there any known compatibility issues in the 12u1?

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