Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy 2010

I'm back from skiing. Happy 2010 everyone!

Updated the Solaris under qemu how-to, added launching instructions for the Solaris versions prior 2.6.

Meanwhile I'm working on the MMU emulation problems. It's harder than it looked. There is a documentation on the SuperSPARC Multi Cache Controller, which describes, what MMU does in a case of a double fault differently than it is currently implemented in qemu. Unfortunately it looks like either it describes it wrong, or I don't get what is written there (yes, I've seen it says "Subject to Change Without Notice" in the footer). At least I can not confirm the described behavior on the real SS-20.

So, there are 3 variants of the MMU behavior: qemu's, described, and the correct one. I'm exploring the last two to fix the first one.

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