Saturday, February 27, 2010

sneak preview screenshots

I haven't posted any images in my blog yet, so it may be the time to fix it:

Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 7 are not very different. Up to 2.6 you can already make such screenshots yourself using the vanilla qemu (git/master). Sneak preview starts here:

For some reason, Solaris 9 looks not that nice:

For all the installations I used a 'PC console' terminal type. Maybe it's not recommended anymore? That's how it looked at the end:

And yes, instead of pressing Return to reboot the qemu machine, I still had to do the following:

echo set scsi_options=0x58 >> /a/etc/system

So, I've achieved the goal I set 7 moths ago. Solaris 9/SPARC will work under qemu.


Anonymous said...

Dont suppose that you feel up to updating the how-to with these installation instructions?

atar said...

Which ones? The scsi_options=0x58 is already in the how-to.

Anonymous said...

I originally had some trouble with formatting a disk, but then i noted that there are some comments in the how to regarding this.

John Vijay said...

Where could Solaris2.5.1.iso be downloaded ?
qemu-system-sparc64 -m 256 -hda solaris-spa.qcow -cdrom
osol-0906-ai-sparc.iso -boot d
doesn't seem to work.

atar said...

qemu-system-sparc64 can not boot anything yet.

Don't know where to download older Solaris versions. Sorry.