Saturday, April 6, 2013


Had a really great time at Moscow Center of SPARC Technologies. They invited me to talk about QEMU. The MCST people are very bright and motivated. And their SPARC CPUs are much faster than QEMU can currently emulate. :-) The machines are not Sun clones. For instance it was interesting to see a SPARC V8 machine with a PCI bus.

Despite the company name, they produce not only SPARC systems, but their own VLIW chips, compilers and binary translators as well. Russian readers can find out more on MCST web-site.


Sparcher said...

Have MCST produced any 64-bit SPARC CPUs?

atar said...

They do. At least "1891ВМ6Я" (aka MCST-R1000). It's a 64 bit SPARC v9 CPU with some extensions.