Sunday, July 16, 2017

Booting OFW from OFW

In order to use my new Motorola Powerstack II Utah machine as a reference for improving qemu there are two ways:

a) make qemu run the Powerstack II firmware
b) make Powerstack II run my firmware

I quickly tried running the Powerstack II firmware under qemu. After all that was the way which did let me run Solaris/SPARC under qemu 7 years ago. The firmware sort of starts, but gets into some very limited debugger. It looks to me that the debugger is from Motorola and it starts before launching the OFW. Last week I found out that the Powerstack II Utah firmware is no good for anything but one version of AIX, so this particular version is really not worth of launching.

So went for the option b) and made a firmware which can be netbooted on the Uhah.
It's even bootable on both Powerstack I and II, which was tricky. For some reason the different Powerstacks have slightly different ideas about the layout of the 0x41 partition. For instance, Solaris floppy image can not be netbooted. But there is one layout which works both for floppy any netbooting on both Powerstacks.

So now I netboot my OFW from the Motorola OFW, and then try booting AIX from the SCSI disk.
And then it hangs with the residual data. No wonder here - I used the device tree from qemu, so at least some devices are different or wired differently. But if I remove the creation of the residual data, it even boots AIX to the same point as the Motorola OFW.

The SCSI host on both Powerstacks is different than on the 40p machine.  The 40p (and qemu) have Vendor Id: 0x1000, Device ID 0x0001, which is according to the pcidatabase a LSI53C810 chip. The Powerstacks have Vendor Id: 0x1000, Device ID 0x0003, which is supposedly LSI53C1010-33. On the chip is written Symbios Logic 53C825A.

I may hit the difference beween the LSI (formerly known as Symbios and NCR) chips later, but at least 53C825A is reverse compatible to 810, otherwise my firmware would not be able to load anything.

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