Saturday, September 9, 2017

From SCSI to PCI

20 years ago SCSI devices ruled the world. Reading the NCR53c810 manual, I see that it was basically a computer in a computer. It can be programmed to transfer data from/to/between the disks without using the CPU at all.

Trying to understand what happens in the NCR/LSI script:

lsi_scsi: Select LUN 0
lsi_scsi: Extended message 0x1 (len 3)
lsi_scsi: SDTR (ignored)
lsi_scsi: SCRIPTS dsp=81c3b924 opcode 80080000 arg 81c3b9a4
lsi_scsi: Jump to 0x81c3b9a4
lsi_scsi: SCRIPTS dsp=81c3b9a4 opcode 870b0000 arg 81c3b9c4
lsi_scsi: Compare phase 2 == 7
lsi_scsi: Control condition failed
lsi_scsi: SCRIPTS dsp=81c3b9ac opcode 860a0000 arg 81c3b94c
lsi_scsi: Compare phase 2 == 6
lsi_scsi: Control condition failed
lsi_scsi: SCRIPTS dsp=81c3b9b4 opcode 98080000 arg 00000022
lsi_scsi: Interrupt 0x00000022
lsi_scsi: SCRIPTS dsp=81c3bb6c opcode 0e000002 arg 81c3bdb4
lsi_scsi: MSG out len=2
lsi_scsi: Select LUN 0
lsi_scsi: MSG: ABORT tag=0x0
lsi_scsi: SCRIPTS dsp=81c3bb74 opcode 80080000 arg 81c3bbbc
lsi_scsi: Jump to 0x81c3bbbc
lsi_scsi: SCRIPTS dsp=81c3bbbc opcode 60000008 arg 00000000
lsi_scsi: Clear ATN

Looks like it aborts if the selected SCSI target doesn't change phase to MSG_OUT or MSG_IN. So I implemented a hack for SDTR reply and it doesn't abort here. But indeed it's a red herring. AIX can also work with the devices which do not support the synchronous or wide transfers.

The actual problem happens later:

lsi_scsi: SCRIPTS dsp=81c43444 opcode c0000004 arg 010000dc
lsi_scsi: memcpy dest 0x81c435fc src 0x010000dc count 4

Or, with a bit more enhanced logging:

lsi_scsi: memcpy dest 0x81c475fc (Mem) src 0x010000dc (IO) count 4
lsi_mem_read, address_space_read status 2
lsi_scsi: the first 4 bytes: 00 00 00 00

It tries to read the port 0x10000dc and save it. QEMU doesn't have anything at the port 0x10000dc, so no wonder the NCR script fails. But what is supposed to be there? The Motorola Ultra 603/Ultra 603e/Ultra 604 Programmer’s Reference Guide suggests it must be the PCI I/O space.

So looks like I've learned enough of NCR/LSI script. Time to see how the PCI bus mastering is supposed to work on this machine.

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