Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sent a small patch to OpenBIOS

Now there is a few bytes of my code in the OpenBIOS project as well.
Switching perspectives is an interesting experience: while debugging qemu and seeing something what I don't understand immediately, the first thought is that some hw device is not properly emulated.
Debugging OpenBIOS I'm pretty much sure that hw emulation is fine.

Anyway, fixed one bug. Solaris still crashes on the boot,  but now it should be possible to switch off the mapping of the page 0x0.

In case you are wondering what this would be good for, there are 2 good reasons: a) being compliant to IEEE-1275 SPARC supplement, and more importantly b) ability to easy catch a null pointer dereferences.

The trivial rest of the Solaris boot exercise is left to Mark, Blue and other OpenBIOS developers. :-)