Sunday, February 12, 2017

AIX KDB under 40p

Some news on 40p emulation: it's possible to launch the AIX kernel debugger under qemu-system-ppc.  For some reason the current PowerPC 601 CPU frequency is limited to 7.81 Mhz in the upstream qemu, so it takes more than a hour to load the debugger. But with a small modification it gets to the point within seconds.

The command line:

$ qemu-system-ppc -M 40p -bios p12h0456.img -hda aix-5.1-cd1.iso -cpu 601

^^^ -cpu 601 is crucial. With the default CPU (604) it just hangs after a greeting.

 And after 90 minutes,  on the serial line....

AIX Version pinmore.c, s.@(#)65 1.1
Instruction Storage Interrupt - PROC
[kdb_get_virtual_memory] no real storage @ 646E6D60
KDB(0)> f
pvthread+000000 STACK:
WARNING: bad IAR: 646E6D60, display stack from LR: 646E6D5D
KDB(0)> dr
r0  : 00000000  r1  : 00595910  r2  : 00595C58  r3  : 00000001  r4  : 01C08180
r5  : 00000000  r6  : 00000000  r7  : 00000000  r8  : 00000000  r9  : 00000000
r10 : 00000000  r11 : 00000000  r12 : 646E6D61  r13 : 00606178  r14 : 000000B8
r15 : 00000020  r16 : 00000020  r17 : 0803004D  r18 : 005AF0BC  r19 : 003FED04
r20 : 00606178  r21 : 00000020  r22 : 00606000  r23 : 00003F50  r24 : 00003F48
r25 : 00003F3C  r26 : 00000000  r27 : 63683A2C  r28 : 00003A24  r29 : 00003A20
r30 : 00590C70  r31 : 00000000

It's a pretty neat debugger somewhat similar to Solaris kadb:

KDB(0)> dc main 40
.main+000000     mflr    r0
.main+000004      lwz    r3,36E8(toc)        36E8(toc)=NON_DEBUG_AIX
.main+000008     stmw    r30,FFFFFFF8(stkp)
.main+00000C      stw    r0,8(stkp)
.main+000010       li    r0,1
.main+000014      stw    r0,0(r3)            r0=00000001
.main+000018     stwu    stkp,FFFFFFC0(stkp)
.main+00001C       bl    <.kdb_init>
.main+000020       bl    <.hardinit>
.main+000024       bl    <.vmsi>
.main+000028       bl    <.hardinit_defered>
.main+00002C       bl    <.init_locks>
.main+000030       bl    <.init_anyother_locks>
.main+000034       bl    <.ios_init>
.main+000038       bl    <.kdb_pin_symtable>
.main+00003C       bl    <.debugger_init>
.main+000040       bl    <.kx2init>
.main+000044       bl    <.kmem_init>
.main+000048       li    r3,B
.main+00004C       bl    <.i_enable>         r3=0000000B
.main+000050       bl    <.k_protect>
.main+000054       bl    <.wlm_ccb_init>
.main+000058       bl    <.strtdisp>
.main+00005C       bl    <.epost>
.main+000060       li    r4,0
.main+000064      lwz    r3,13C4(toc)        13C4(toc)=kernel_lock
.main+000068       bl    <.lockl>
.main+00006C       li    r30,0
.main+000070      lwz    r3,37EC(toc)        37EC(toc)=init_tbl

/stay tuned

Saturday, February 4, 2017

PReP IBM 40p Emulation in qemu-system-ppc

Hervé Poussineau is doing a great job on improving PReP emulation in qemu. The initial patch series is getting merged into upstream master, but there is more in Hervé's git tree: I've built an OpenFirmware binary with SCSI support for it, and once Hervé improves S3 Trio emulation there will be a build with S3 support too.

Btw, the S3 Trio support in the Herve's branch is already pretty cool. Here are some screen shots of the boot process with the proprietary IBM firmware (it's really just the firmware, not an OS):

40p screen right after the reset

Other than IBM PC, an IBM PReP machine starts in a graphic mode with some animation, showing the initialization process.

Initializing devices

More devices...

All devices are found

Now the firmware tries to boot an OS or a System Management Services (SMS) disk:

F4 was pressed

Now there is a hidden but a well known feature. Instead of inserting a floppy, blindly type "eatabug", no quotes. For a tech person it may sound like "Enhanced ATA Bug", but I guess the pronunciation is "eat a bug". And this will open a resident monitor, which looks quite powerful (I still think OFW is more powerful though ;-).

Resident monitor help
 That's all about the 40p emulation for today.

/Stay tuned