Thursday, January 10, 2013

CruiseControl 2.8.4 and JDK7

Upgraded system JDK to Java 7 and noticed that the dashboard in your CruiseControl stays gray?
Well there is even an official bug CC-1049 in the JIRA (currently it seems to be down, I used Google cache to access it).

With -debug switch on there is a hint error message:

Cannot construct net.sourceforge.cruisecontrol.BuildLoopInformation as it does not have a no-args constructor.

The root of the problem: Oracle changed the vendor name from "Sun Microsystems Inc." to “Oracle Corporation”. The solution is really simple, either add

-Djava.vm.vendor="Sun Microsystems Inc." -XX:+OverrideVMProperties

to your java call in , or replace xstream-1.2.2.jar and xpp3_min- files both in lib/ and webapps/dashboard/WEB-INF/lib/ with xstream-1.4.1.jar and kxml2-2.3.0.jar respectively.