Sunday, March 31, 2019

Cleaning up the PReP patches for AIX

I've got surprisingly many requests on booting AIX under the QEMU 40p target. I've looked at the changes which need to be done both to QEMU and to OpenFirmWare, and it turned out it there was more than I thought.

In 2017 I used some original work from the OFW done by Mitch Bradley. After a brief discussion he kindly published this file today. So now I'm good to publish my changes.

At the moment I'm cleaning the code, then I'll publish it on GitHub, and hopefully the patches will make it upstream. Except maybe for OFW, since it has been decided that the official firmware is going to be OpenBIOS. But for the users it should not matter, it's just one additional file to download.

/ Stay tuned ;-)