Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oracle strikes back!

The Oracle Enterprise Linux for sun4v has just been released!

Based on RHEL 6 and kernel 4.1.

How cool is that?!?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The number of Debian/SPARC64 users doubled overnight

That's right, I've upgraded my virtual wheezy image to Debian/sparc64 Sid. So I'm the second user who has installed and run Debian popularity contest:

Don't know who is the first user, and don't know why the submission on ~ 29.04.2014 on the graph above hasn't doubled the number of users back then.

Update: Debian/SPARC64 is mostly working, but there are some caveats:
Link time optimization with "gold" linker produces broken binaries. Unfortunately this hits systemd and udev, so those have to be re-built manually. I've submitted a bug for the upstream binutils.

In the mean time if anyone needs a working systemd-udevd, you can ask me. There is also a report that the qt build is broken, but I don't use it - only need a working console.