Wednesday, April 2, 2008

bcm963xx firmware dumps vs. update files

This is the next step. It's important to find out how to create an update file from the flash dump. The update files are already explored and described.

The dumps are less explored. What I see, is unlike in firmware updates, CFE-Boot-Loader comes before the flash header.
  • The root-fs and the kernel image are coming after the header, like in the update files.
  • If I move the boot-loader to the place between the header and the start of the root-fs, the checksum of the root-fs & kernel is OK.
  • The checksum of header is also OK.
  • The checksum of the complete image fails.
What does it mean? The only option I see is the stored Boot-Loader is not the same as in the update file. Maybe it's just the addresses/offsets, which are changed during flashing. It's necessary to compare the flash dumps with the flash update files to see what is going on.

Stay tuned. ;-)

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