Sunday, August 16, 2009

space instructions

space{c,l,d}{@,!} words currently do not work as on the real hardware.
In order to fix the emulation understanding how they are supposed to work is needed.

ok see spacel!
code spacel!
ffd53504 ld [%g7], %l2
ffd53508 add %g7, 4, %g7
ffd5350c ld [%g7], %l0
ffd53510 add %g7, 4, %g7
ffd53514 sll %g4, 2, %g4
ffd53518 call ffd5351c
ffd5351c add %g0, 14, %l1

ok ffd5351c dis
ffd5351c add %g0, 14, %l1
ffd53520 add %o7, %l1, %l1
ffd53524 jmp %l1, %g4, %g0
ffd53528 ba ffd53660

And here I'm lost. I don't see any store instruction there. Don't know where it would jump to. A hacker named "tierchen", wrote that under MIPS branch in Jump's delay slot would produce an undefined behavior.

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