Saturday, August 30, 2014

Playing with Open Firmware

Made a couple of small improvements in Open Firmware and sent the patches to Mitch Bradley. One fix is probably not relevant for the most of users: it has to do with handling fdisk/MBR partitions on CDs. Another one may be more interesting for those who use CD/DVD drives on OLPC.
I was hoping to do something useful, but it turned out OLPC don't have a built-in cdrom drive. Still there can be one or two users who have external drives and would like to boot from them.

I didn't realize till recent times that as a part of his work on the OLPC Project, Mitch released the original Open Firmware base for ARM, MIPS, PPC and x86 machines. It has some advantages over OpenBIOS: Forth syntax highlighting,  word completion, more comfortable debugging and an emulator of Power CPUs to simplify cross-platform building.

It is distributed  under MIT Open-Source License, which may be more suitable than GPL for some projects.

May the Forth be with you. :-)

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