Sunday, October 11, 2009

The second bug in the qemu sparc CPU emulation

Mitch Bradley found a bug in the Sparc CPU emulation. I gave him access to my qemu session and he stepped through the code. Is sort of shame, I haven't done it myself, as I thought about it 2 weeks ago.

This bug is actually much more heavy than the previous one. While the previous one affected only the hand crafted assembly code, this one should hit the compiled code as well: the handling of carry flag in subxcc instruction is wrong. And, yes, it's RISC architecture, so this instruction is also used for comparison...

I'm really astonished that Linux/sparc is working under qemu since years. Of course Linux may be just more robust, but it also may mean that gcc doesn't use some sparcv8 instructions, and is therefore inefficient.

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