Saturday, October 31, 2009

Playground extension

Carey Schug did me another favor. This time he provided access to a SparcServer-20 which he has at home! Now I can compare a virtual SS-20 with a real one. So, the little bugs, beware of me!
Thanks, Carey!


Unknown said...

Did you interesting in other Sun or Sparc-compatible hardware?

I have Sun Voyager (HDD and keyboard (may be) broken) and access to ancient ICL DRS NX/6000 TeamServer (sparc4 cpu clone) under AT&T Unix System V Release 4.2 .

atar said...

Thanks! Can be interesting in the future. Right now I have a clear leader: SS-5 emulation is the most working one. I guess the TeamServer is sun4, not sun4m? May be interesting after we are done with sun4m.