Friday, November 6, 2009

Things missing in the vanilla qemu

Things which can be fixed in the vanilla qemu:

For OBP:

- Floppy. Instead of fixing it, I broke it completely, so OBP doesn't try to initialize it and hang. Actually it maybe not the fdc itself, but the irq handling. There are OBP tests which may help to understand what is currently going wrong. I didn't need it, does it actually work with OpenBIOS?

- [SparcStation-5] 0x6e000000 AFX. OBP tries to access it and fails with "unassigned address exception".
- [SparcStation-20] 0xef8010000 DBRI, 0x9000X00X FCode SIMMs. Same problem here.

AFX, DBRI and FCode SIMMs can be implemented as stubs. Yet better would be if SBUS probing would do a proper fault. This devices are optional.

Solaris 2.5.1 - 7 have problems with

- interrupt handling. Due to errors in irq handling, the boot takes ~7 Hours. Working on it.
- MMU (?). Solaris tries to access memory after translation failed. Actually Debian/linux has similar problems, but it ignores traps, while Solaris doesn't.
- MMU (?). The message "hsfs_putpage: dirty HSFS page" means that a page was modified, although it wasn't supposed to. May have to do with the cacheabilty tweaking.
- [SparcStation-20] PAC. Solaris hangs where it would normally say that physical address cache is enabled.

Additionally Solaris 8-9 have problems with

- Spurious interrupts.

Nice to haves:
- The ability to send STOP-A to the serial console. Would greatly help to use Solaris kernel debugger (kadb) when the kernel hangs.

- Network boot. Looks like something which can easily be fixed. Currently it fails with the message
Internal loopback test -- Wrong packet length; expected 36, observed 64

Last updated on 15.12.2009.

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