Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fixed the cgsix colormap

Looks like the cgsix DAC is slightly different from the one used in cgthree. Fixed it and now the image doesn’t look so psychedelic anymore:
cgsix in the DFB mode
Now, that was the easy part. Making it work under OpenWindows is going to be trickier. There is virtually no documentation on the GPU. I guess this manual is really lost: as Sun tried to open the specs back in 2008, they failed with “Unable to locate (15-July-08)” message.

Does anyone by any chance have the book “TurboGX Reference Card” (p/n 800-5112) or any other document which describes how to program the TEC and FBC units of the TGX chip?

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veganman said...

Amazing! looking forward to openwindow.