Sunday, November 25, 2018

The colors...

... are still not quite right:

Let's add some colors


Andrey ``Bass'' Shcheglov said...

... but that's already a great advance!

Congrats! And waiting for the final version.

SPARCHER said...

BTW, what Solaris version is that?

Andrey ``Bass'' Shcheglov said...

Looks like Solaris 8. Version 7 had a different splash screen.

atar said...

Yes it's Solaris 8.

the great quux said...

Woah - does this mean sun4u can boot 64-bit solaris 8 now?! even without framebuffer emulation that would be awesome news. also where can i get a copy of that extracted ultra1 firmware? :)

atar said...

The Ultra-1 firmware is available here:,501-3082-update7.bin

The upstream sun4u can not boot it yet. Will merge my patches to upstream, but would like to make the cgsix emulation usable first.

Unknown said...

This all looks very promising, great job atar. I've been following your blog for quite some time and managed to get solaris 2.6 up and running on the sun4m emulation thanks to your helpfull tips: Great thank you!
Obviously I'm not the only one looking forward to see Solaris running on the 64-bit architectures. In particular, I'm less interested in the graphics, although it would be even better if also that works.
You say upstream sun4u can not boot Solaris. Does this also apply if you're using the original firmware?
I'm curious you are talking about the Ultra-1 firmware. Isn't qemu sun4u more like Ultra 5/10 with PCI and IDE?
I've experimented with qemu 3.1.0 and different kinds of firmware (OpenBios, Ultra1, and Ultra5/10): With OpenBios Solaris 8 starts booting but throws exeptions, the original firmware freezes without comments. Maybe, you have any further tips?

atar said...

Yes, the qemu sun4u is something like Ultra-5/10. It has a different kind of the serial ports, so running the original OBP is not possible directly.

I'm working on sun4u-sbus, that would be a Ultra-1/2 machine, once it is done. Had to switch to some other projects for now. Will get back to it some time.

And, yes, while the upstream sun4u can not boot Solaris yet, the upstream sun4v can.